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Komatsu 350.1

Komatsu 350.1
Markedly strong, effective and reliable.
There are plenty of good reasons to discover the Komatsu 350.1. A market leading all-rounder with its efficiency, strength, and reliability. The end result is a combination of high productivity and low repair costs.
Here are some of the key features:
  • Efficient. The Komatsu 350’s efficiency is particularly noticeable in the exact length measurement, as well as the highly effective delimbing with an optimized knife design and an extra delimbing knife (option).
  • Special type of feed roller. Another distinctive trait is the head’s special type of feed roller, which provides better grip and causes less trunk slip damage.
  • Strong and innovative construction. The high level of dependability is due to the strong and innovative design of everything from the feed roller motor connectors and hose routing to the valve block. 

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