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Komatsu 365.1

Komatsu 365.1
Reliable and profitable.
Even higher productivity, quality and reliability. This is what you can expect from the superb, new all-round head, the Komatsu 365.1. The explanation is in a multitude of significant improvements and new features.
  • Excellent long reach performance. With the high net lifting power, this head performs astoundingly at long reaches.
  • Unique measurement precision. Newly developed length measurement unit with sturdy bearings, a remote sensor, and a system (patent pending) to ensure the trunk is followed closely and accurately.
  • High net traction. The three feed wheels provide high net traction.
  • Unbeatable control. The optimized frame design provides high net lifting power for the prime mover, ensuring superb control.
  • Other highlights. Four moving knives and an extra wide tilt angle to facilitate work in steep terrain. Couplings between pipes and valve assemblies/hydraulic motors have received upgraded seals, hydraulic pipes have been equipped with improved attachments, new seals in the knife cylinders, the damper plate on the tilt link has become even thicker, the bearings for the measuring wheel shaft now feature new improved locking, and cable routing to the saw unit has been improved.
  • New feed rollers. Improved stem gripping and centring, providing more efficient feed and subsequently higher productivity. Also maintains lower clamping pressure which saves fuel.
  • New cast delimbing knives. Increased durability and improved stem gripping.
  • New body roller. As an option you can choose the new body roller that together with the new feed rollers also improves feed.

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