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Komatsu 830.3

Komatsu 830.3
The gentle king of efficient thinning. In anny terrain.
No thinning forwarder in the world is as efficient or as gentle on the forest floor as the Komatsu 830.3. No matter how difficult the maneuvering, or how site sensitive the forest, your profitability is always optimized.
Here are a few of the product highlights:
  • Smooth and stable ride.New articulated joint position and precise front and rear bogie tracking provide a very smooth and stable ride.
  • Tier 3 engine. Powerful, efficient and environmentally-friendly Tier 3 engine delivers 10% more torque. Electronic engine control ensures low energy loss while enhancing fuel economy
  • Minimized impact to forest floor. Low machine weight with even weight distribution minimizes impact to the forest floor.
  • MaxiForwarder.The new and refined functions in the MaxiForwarder control and information system provide even better machine control and improved reports.
  • High performance cab. The 830.3’s high performance cab environment allows plenty of room for the operator to maximize productivity. Larger windows with low profile panels improve thelines to the work area.

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