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Komatsu 895

Komatsu 895
The gentle giant.
The Komatsu 895 is not just biggest-ever forwarder. It also represents an entirely new class when it comes to maximising everything from productivity and operational economy to ergonomic benefits.
Here are the 895's most significant strength:
  • New powerful crane. The crane is one of the forwarder's most essential components and is very important for productivity. We have kept this in mind with the new 165F, one of the market's most powerful cranes, with a high gross lifting and turning torque, and a weight-optimised linkage system that delivers high gross lifting force.
  • Protec as standard. It also has Protec, with shielded hose routing as standard, and new, split hose routing to the valve that improves ease of service.
  • Load capacity of a Giant. With a gross load of 20.000 kg and a load area of 5.2 m2 (6,9 with LoadFlex) this giant will boost your productivity.
  • High lift of dozer blade. The robust front blade can be lifted high for improved obstacle clearance.
  • New wheels. The new 20-ton wheels and 28.5- inch rims mean more traction force, higher ground clearance and low ground pressure.
  • Flexgate for safety and visibilty. Attachment of headbord to frame can flex in vertical direction which protects headbord and crane from accidental collisions. It can also "roll" if pushed in the corner. The design of the headboard also improve the visibility.
  • Komatsu Comfort Bogie. Powerful axle system and new bogie in robust construction of the portal type with the Comfort Bogie function produces the best combination of traction force and operator comfort.
  • Minimum downtime. The advantages of the new service-friendly frame system, ORFS couplings and lubricationfree universal joints provide high operational reliability and easy service.
  • Outstanding operator environment. Noticeably larger cab – higher and wider with more legroom, more storage space and a quiet working environment. Large glass surfaces mean better visibility upwards and to the sides, and make crane operation easier and more relaxed. The new operator's seat provides excellent comfort and work space, and offers many personal adjustments and settings. The new hand controls are ergonomically designed and well equipped.
  • Market leading control system. Full utilisation of MaxiXplorer provides you with everything from more exact and efficient machine control to marketleading operational and production follow-up.
  • Loadflex for greater efficiency. The Komatsu LoadFlex option, with optional hydraulic heightadjustable supports, ensures greater efficiency and ease of use when loading, unloading, and driving.
  • Cab suspension done right. Komatsu’s new cab suspension solution Comfort Ride is available as an option for your forwarder. With its superior suspension properties, it improves operator comfort, reduces fatigue and generally makes working more enjoyable, which can increase productivity. The four-point suspension with well-protected cylinders with extra long stoke makes Comfort Ride a winner in all categories. The Ride Height Control function means that the suspension can compensate for centre of gravity shifts on various gradients.
  • E3 Power Engine. The new powerful SCR engine both minimises emissions and optimises fuel economy.

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